Sekoyen Accounting Solutions

Learn as you wish, we won't fail you.

Our promise to students

At Sekoyen we don’t just teach you the content, we help you to understand and apply it with confidence. We help you prepare for the exams thoroughly by focusing on developing technical insights, critical thinking and the ability to apply knowledge and professional judgement flexibly to varied business contexts.

When you enrol with us you will receive a smart revision and practice pack consisting of:

  • Smart revision and practice plan: we believe that success comes when revision and practice are well planned and directed towards priority topics, skills and activities. Our smart revision and practice plan tailors your efforts to the target practice requirements for success. You are guided and encouraged to move out of your comfort zone and to be disciplined in addressing the priority areas for exam success.
  • Final revision checklist: at Sekoyen we aim to support you to revise efficiently and make the most of your time so as to concentrate your efforts in rehearsing for the exam. Our final revision checklist has been designed to present the principles of ifrs with comprehensive illustrations (practice scenarios) so you don’t waste time reading several sources. Our “Exam Insight” analyses the examiners approach and recent exam trends and assesses the likelihood of the topic being examined at the next exam based on this. More importantly, “Exam Insight” explains the examiner’s requirements, for example, why are you required to “apply and discuss the recognition and derecognition of financial instruments.” Through insightful discussions we aim to help you come to terms with the examiner: we aim to match your revision and practice approach to the requirements of the examination because this will guarantee success.
  • Workbook: Our workbook design and content testifies to our belief that students must be given ample opportunity to explore a topic from a variety of perspectives. We have designed stretching and challenging case studies and objective questions enabling you to develop rounded insights and comprehensive competences suitable for the syllabus area.
  • Check your progress: Our comprehensive checklist has been developed to help you assess your readiness by checking that you have learnt every concept, theory and principle and that you have developed the requisite capabilities and exam strategy. If you haven’t you will be prompted to do so and thereby minimize the risk of failing to prepare adequately.
  • Tutoring and support: at Sekoyen we value the human side of the learning experience. We value learning and enable you to learn to learn. Our tutors do not simply impart knowledge to you but teach you the skills to acquire and apply knowledge yourself. We discourage rote learning and encourage critical and independent thinking and learning because that is what is expected of a professional.
  • Web support: our websites complement the strategic learning experience by providing related material and support to enable you to consolidate and elaborate on what you have learnt. We provide newspaper and magazine cuttings organised by topic. The commentaries by tutors guide you towards skill development, conceptual understanding, keeping up to date and self management. Our interactive examiners’ corner gives you insights into the examiner’s intentions for the paper and the reasons for his intentions. From that perspective you will appreciate the examiners analysis of the most recent exams and his own predictions for the next exam.