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Study Text 
Written in a clear, concise and interactive style this study text is rooted in the syllabus and amply illustrates "clarity and quality of the discussion", drawing on current annual reports and accounting cases to illuminate abstract concepts, principles and theories and their applications. This considerate style reflects current research on how the brain learns and is designed to support active learning at the higher intellectual levels of analysis, evaluation and innovation, attributes of the modern accountant that are at the heart of the professional examination requirements.  

Integrated Workbook
Critical thinking, case study, computational and objective exercises cross referenced to the Study Text and Revision and Practice plan. Tailored for effective application of accounting principles and efficient practice. Suitable for massed and distributed practice. 

Organised, focused and tailored to specific competences required at E3: technical insight, professional judgement and effective writing skills, this plan is integrated with the workbook and study text to support efficient, dynamic, quality and comprehensive practice. A sound plan for success that can be used throughout the course for reactive, purposeful and proactive revision.

Managing learning
How to read Enterprise Strategy texts
Common mistakes in Enterprise Strategy scripts

Markers detailed commentaries


Syllabus - 2015
Syllabus - 2010