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ExamPlus - Learning from past scripts

We are developing materials for students and we are currently actively considering a project that offers unrivalled insight into exam performance. The aim is to provide students and teachers a means of linking exam performance to learning quality so that improvements can be made based on direct attributions of success or failure to controllable factors in the student's instructional and performance environment.

This service which can be offered online as well as off line will offer 

question by question exam analysis (on a sample of scripts) with comments and suggestions about how to improve learning and practice to reach the expected levels of professional competence.

skills map linking exam performance to specification capabilities and intellectual levels providing a clear and specific attribution of success and failure to knowledge and skill attainments evidenced on a sample of exam scripts

downloadable exemplars of answers to past and future questions.

smart study plans to help students check their study approach against required standards and regulate their approach accordingly.  Example, using experiential learning to provide concrete experience for abstract concepts in learning financial instruments; indicating the approach to learning and consolidation to achieve a balance between computational and discursive skill development; indicating how much practice is required and how to pace practice over the learning period to achieve the depth and retention required for mastery; indicating how to learn for versatile application to unfamiliar contexts.

smart revision and practice plan that enhances the revision experience by focusing on the critical competences examinable, the common weaknesses and mistakes and how to overcome them through balanced and effective targeting and conditioning in complex areas where, according to the examiners reports students often fail to perform.

We would very much like to talk to someone at the ACCA to explore access to scripts to be used as basis or stimulus material.  Please could you help us reach the relevant persons?