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Study text
A Strategic position
A.1 Purpose and need for business analysis
A.2 The effect of environmental issues
A.3 Competitive forces affecting an organisation
A.4 Marketing and the value of goods and services
A.5 Internal resources, capabilities and competences of an organisation
A.6 The expectations of stakeholders and the influence of ethics

B Strategic choices
B.1 The influence of corporate strategy on an organisation
B.2 Alternative approaches to achieving competitive advantage
B.3 Alternative directions and methods of development
C Strategic Action
C.1 Organising and enabling success
C.2 Managing strategic change
C.3 Understanding strategy development
D Business and process change
D.1 Business change
D.2 The role of process and process change initiatives
D.3 Improving the processes of the organisation
D.4 Software solutions
 E. Information technology
E.1 Principles of information technology
E.2 Principles of e-Business
E.3 E-business application: upstream supply chain management
E. 4 E-business application: downstream supply chain management
E.4 E-business application: customer relationship management

 F. Project management
F.1 The nature of projects
F.2 Building a business case
F.3 Managing and leading projects
F.4 Planning, monitoring and controlling projects
F.5 Concluding a project

G. Financial analysis
G.1 The link between strategy and finance
G.1 Finance decisions to formulate and support business strategy
G.3 The role of cost and management accounting in strategic planning and implementation
G.4 Financial implications of making strategic choices and of implmenting strategic actions

 H. People
H.1 Strategy & people: leadership
H.2 Strategy & people: job design
H.3 Strategy & people: staff development