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Revision Course

Benefit from smart revision strategies that enable you to consolidate your knowledge and deepen your insights in the most challenging and priority areas. We will support you to revise with skill and agility.

Practise efficiently and deeply at your own pace using stretch and challenge exercises that extend your abilities to the extent necessary to be confident of success in the exams.

Our comprehensive Revision and Practice plan identifies all of the competences to be developed and the most challenging areas of the syllabus. It provides adequate guidance for revision and practice complemented by cross references to past questions, workbook and study text giving ample opportunity to master every requirement of the syllabus.

We will save you time and build your confidence by building your skills and technical insights. We have worked hard so you can revise without hassle. You will not be surprised in the exam – there will be no secrets you will not have uncovered in your preparation.

Course information

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Course information
+44 203 590 1107/
+44 7808 874 659
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Courses start
29 April 2017
Courses end
19 May 2015
Course days
 10 five-hour sessions