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Total Accounting Vision

Total accounting vision

(extracted for the business plan)

Sekoyen is a smart business idea that provides fertile ground for harnessing the resources of creative and committed individuals to produce world

class products and tuition. My vision is to design, implement and manage courses and products for the development of technically excellent accountants with a sound business understanding. I call my vision Total Accounting because it is aimed at supporting budding accountants and sustaining excellence in practice through ready access to best practice resources in accounting and finance throughout their careers. One such resource is “Accounting on the Tap”.

What Sekoyen can offer

I can bring an intimate knowledge of the needs of the student accountant and the accounting practitioner to the execution of the vision that will result in products and services with an unrivalled appeal. Over the years I have demonstrated skill and interest in meeting many of those needs through recruiting, developing and managing staff to meet various challenges of a technical and business nature.

I can also bring a wealth of experience in accounting and financial management practices in business which is a valuable teaching resource in three respects: understanding and explaining the relevance of the syllabus, improving learning and focus and supporting professional practice on an ongoing basis. I can exploit these qualities not only in designing course content in a focused, relevant and practical way but also in advising on and developing appropriate post qualifying support initiatives such as “Accounting on the Tap”.

Accounting on the tap

Accounting on the-tap is a web-based product idea designed to deliver flexible and adaptable accounting services to practitioners. Instead of manuals, ebooks and CDs (as currently provided) AOT will provide comprehensive up to date technical knowledge to practitioners, fully substituting large accounting tomes while providing the practitioner a user friendly fully customisable accounting practitioners manual that allows for all types of accounting transactions to be accounted for to meet reporting needs under UKGAAP and IFRS.

In my view this is a key business opportunity because accounting practices change. The solution in my view is to provide a reservoir of technical knowledge and best practice on the web which can be easily accessed, queried and tailored to the specific needs of the accountant at his desk. Convergence and technology and scale are some of the main factors that make this idea feasible financially and practically.