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Tuition course

Understand what you need to know and identify the competences you need to develop with the help of the P2 Competency Guide and Managing the Transition from F7 to P2.

Align your learning approach with the rationale for the syllabus to learn efficiently and master the “greater depths” of knowledge, application and discourse required for P2.

Learn to write as an analyst, adviser and steward – master “clarity and quality of the discussion" to claim maximum professional marks.

Be guided by experienced, knowledgeable and considerate tutors who strive to ensure that you learn without hassle and guide you to practise smartly.

Access with ease rich information that supports the development of all competences in an organised way. Use study texts that elaborate principles and applications through numerous case studies enabling you to develop critical thinking and professional judgement for confident and versatile application of principles to varied contexts.

Keep learning on target by evaluating progress using Progress Checker to ensure thorough understanding (not just coverage) of the subject.

Study with flexible and understanding tutors who can help you manage your studies around your busy home and work life. Benefit from extra hours, coaching and support, especially around examination lead periods.

Key Course information
  +44 203 590 1107
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Course start  
11 February 2017
(may be varied for individuals)
Course finish   
21 Apr 2017
(may be varied for individuals)
Course length
20 five-hour sessions   day/evenings/weekends
(May be extended by negotiation)